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Common sense of dog dog feed
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Common sense of dog dog feed

1. A few times is the doggie dog before 4 months fed one day best?

The cheeper before 4 months, should a few much food are fed one day 4 times more humane! Because of the cheeper in development, intolerable hunger... , a day of education habit that feeds twice is not impossible, it is long only hollow, to growing for medium cheeper, true injury stomach!

If feed gives appetite much, small 貝 is more dyspeptic than eating so that the wolf swallows to also be met, go up enrage and upset stomach! Small 貝 is compared won't speak, feel its uncomfortable. . . Nobody knows. . Very can insecure chaos cries... the crisis feeling of doggie dog, express as the little baby that won't talk with cry.

If adjust much food later, also can come up against it to make a noise in disorder... that is it gets not clear work and rest, want gally it is a few, the cloth on the lid obscures basket. If still can wrangle all the time... take it to decide a dot make water, should experiment with all possible means go ascertain its body language.

Dog dog each eat is best and removed in one's childhood 5 hours, lest indigestion, him according to advantageous time, arrange 3-4 meal to it, intermediate hollow time is time going to work, have above of 8 small 時. . . . . Be Morpheus 時 間.

Next letting it plays desperately. . . . Consume physical power. It divides lest topsy-turvy day and night not quiet time, the method that consumes physical power is very much, lose small rubber ball to let it chase after... the broken sock that takes clean makes a few written guarantees. . . Let it bite with your tug-of-war. . . . . 丟 goes be being chased after to it. . . . The body activity that makes it small arrives limb.

Must want to eat to pause and arrive to nod relieve oneself to be over surely to it before light-off sleeps, want to maintain quiet atmosphere naturally in that paragraph of time. . . Lest doggie dog is too excited sleep to be not written instead.

After education trains, GG can know the time of adult light-off slowly, go up to adjust a habit first by work and rest. It can accept the time of light-off after, happy sleep well in basket the day break such as shut-eye. (write down: Each eat should let it be taken after anteprandial meal make water of the make water that decide a dot, uric make water should read aloud in the mouth or. . . Let it be understood, make water is over or be over, just take it to leave that to decide a dot, take those who hold it slowly make water is used to) foster a good habits and customs, can increase its credit to you, also won't again without reason is clamorous! You should be cheered with the time of a month!
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