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Pet prevents immune common sense
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One, the immune timetable that vaccine of inject of pet immunity schedule wants to abide by animal doctor strictly to make, give doggie inject vaccine prematurely to won't protect doggie health not only, can destroy the effect of mother source antibody instead, have adverse effect. 1, plan of young dog immunity undertakes according to loving canine age immune dog dog is born 7-8 week first time dog of dog of inject of 6 couplet vaccine is born 11-12 week dog of dog of inject of vaccine of the 2nd 6 couplet is born 14-15 week vaccine of the 3rd 6 couplet injects wild dog vaccine your dog, what should do later is annual 6 couplet vaccine mixes inject stitch stitch wild dog is vaccinal, the infection that can make dog dog and those minatory and tremendous so says to do obeisance to did obeisance to. 2, the cat is born inject of the first time when 3 months is vaccinal (the cat is triplex) , cat of the 2nd needle injects after 20 days triplex. Inject every year later. 2, antibody of source of mother of mother source antibody is the antibody that shows the doggie that just was born gets through the mother's body and colostrum. Mother source antibody can make sure the doggie is in firm postnatal generates counteractive capacity to the disease inside period of time, after mother source antibody disappears, want to rely on vaccine to make the doggie obtains antibody. 3, can be homebred vaccine and entrance vaccine used with mixing? When if the dog is in,undertaking immunity the 2nd times, seek the vaccine of the brand that when be less than first time immunity, uses, can be you replaced in order to use the vaccine of other brand? The answer is affirmative. Even if the first time what immunity uses is entrance vaccine, if the 2nd immunity cannot find identical vaccine, can use homebred and vaccinal immunity. Because no matter be China,still be the United States, the virus of akin disease is identical. 4, why to inject doesn't vaccine decide dosage by weight? If you take care observation to be able to discover, the young dog inject that no matter be the young dog of the large dog such as Bai Na giving emperor, big polar bear or rich beauty, strange baby,waits for small-sized dog is vaccinal, the doctor is the dosage of use stitch, why to inject doesn't vaccine decide dosage by weight? Actually no matter dog size, every time immunity injects only a portion vaccine, because every portion vaccine contains the virus of equal poison force, generation of can exciting airframe comparatives to it quantitative antibody, so vaccinal dosage and weight have nothing to do. 5, give pregnant bitch inject vaccine whether to doggie immunity? To be pregnant vaccine of mother dog inject is absolutely illicit, can cause mother dog miscarriage otherwise. When the animal is pregnant, the antibody inside body is very tall, won't contract infection commonly, do not need inject vaccine. 6, what risk does inject vaccine have to the dog? Normally the circumstance falls, inject vaccine does not have danger to the dog, but it is dangerous that the dog issues inject vaccine to be able to have life in disease state. Because veterinary surgeon must be asked first before this inject vaccine,have a medical check-up to love a dog. Temperature appears to rise depressed of tall, spirit, appetite to drop after animal inject is vaccinal, it is normal to wait to be belonged to sorely, general 24 hours can go. But Sao of occurrence whole body is allergic when urticant, facial strut, want needle of hospital inject desensitization.

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