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Canine infectivity hepatitis
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Canine infectivity hepatitis is by canine gland virus a kind of acute of the I dog that cause defeats contagion of courage and uprightness. Clinical go up to basically behave hepatitis and cornea muddy (namely blue eye is ill) symptom.
This ill transmission way basically is to contact a gender to infect directly, poison of the platoon in the make water of rehabilitation dog can amount to 180-270 day left and right sides. Disinfection can use environment of fluid of 2 % caustic soda to disinfect.
[symptom] the dog that contracts canine infectivity hepatitis naturally is preclinical 7 days or so. Most the number after symptom of occurrence vomiting of acute disease exemple, bellyacke, diarrhoea dies inside hour. Invigorative depressed, shiver is afraid of acute disease exemple cold, temperature lifts 40.5 ℃ are controlled, appetite is useless absolutely, happy event drink water, the symptom such as vomiting, diarrhoea. Subacute case of illness, semiotic response is smaller. Afore-mentioned acute period the symptom appears lighter outside, visible still anaemia, icteric, pharyngitis, tonsil phlogistic, lymph node enlargement, diagnostic sex symptom is to be on the eye, occurrence cornea oedema, muddy, cornea becomes blue. Clinical go up to also say " blue eye is ill " . The eye is shut partly, photophobia weeps, secretion of many oar fluidity is poured out of, corneal and muddy feature is by corneal center to all around patulous. The person that weigh can bring about corneal perforation. When convalescence, muddy cornea by all around to the center slow subsidise, the dog of muddy subsidise mostly but what self-healing can inspect mucous membrane to have different rate is icteric.
[prevent and cure]
(1) precaution: Prevent to introduce a dog blindly by abroad and other place, prevent virus to pass into, the dog of the rehabilitation after sicken must be raised alone, keep apart above of half an year the least. Preventing this disease to produce best measure is to give a dog to do healthy immunity regularly, immune program heats up vaccine with canine acute communicable diseases. It is the method of immunity of combination of much couplet seedling mostly at present.
(2) cure: Coming on hepatitis of earlier and usable infectivity avoids serum cure high to have certain effect. Once appear apparent clinical symptom, although use large dose avoid serum high to have remedial effect very hard also. The case of illness to severe anemia can use blood transfusion therapeutics to have certain effect.
To disease cure, vein filling dextrose, fluid infusion reachs adenosine of 3 phosphoric acid, complementary enzymatic A has certain effect to this ill rehabilitation.
Systemic application bacteriophage and sulphur amine medicaments can prevent afterwards to send infection.
To sufferring from the dog of keratitis to be able to use 0.5 % lidocaine is mixed chloromycetin eyedrop burns a small hole alternately.
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