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What ear is clean
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Canine ear, very easy accumulative oil, dirt and water are divided, especially dog of big on both sides, flagging ear carapace often covers ear path, or the long hair near ear path (wait like lady dog, Beijing dog) also can ear cover, such ear paths because airiness not free, easy scale is damp and make ear path affects inflammation. Accordingly, want to often examine ear way of the dog, if discover the dog often is scratched,catch ear, or shake his head forcibly ceaselessly place ear, explain canine ear path has a problem, answer to be checked carefully.

Cerumen is cleared the method is: Disinfect external auditory meatus with alcohol tampon first, fluid of 3% ear of bicarbonate natrium drop or dirty of Yu Er of water of 2% boric acid are in reoccupy, after waiting for the cerumen bate that dry up, with small forceps small win an easy victory goes out, forceps cannot be inserted too greatly, energy wants to be centered highly, if the dog is jolty the head, want to take out forceps quickly, lest stab mucous membrane of path of broken ear of tympanic membrane or thorn. To having the ear way of inflammation, can drip with glycerine of 4% boric acid neomycin of fluid of ear of drop of glycerine of ear fluid, 2.5% chloromycetin, cortisone drips the drop ear such as ear fluid, daily 3. In addition, should the long hair near path of fixed clip ear, shampoo and talk of splashing pleasant to hear prevent when bathing.