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Dog dog - eyeball emergence
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Release time: 2005-6-23 16:43:3The 3 number that be read: 12 times eyeball is taken off by outside force action stem from orbit beyond. This anamnesis much hair reachs the dog with bigger eyeball at Beijing dog, Xi Shi dog.
[the pathogeny] because,basically be between the dog mutual tussle or action of element of other outside force at eye ministry.
(semiotic 〕 produces whole eyeball emergence suddenly at orbit besides, cannot answer oneself. Ache having a dog is disturbed, have unwell feeling of height, because some eyeball are traumatic or oneself is scratched catch have eyeball loss it is thus clear that. The eyeball with emergence longer time, stick on corneal and dry, cornea have contamination of the other that be reached by wool, pupil is reflexed slow or without reflection. Serious visible cornea is atrophic, necrotic or perforative.
(1) below general anesthesia circumstance, apply instantly taxis. Undertake eyeball is rinsed above all. Rinse clean thoroughly with water of 3 % boric acid or the contamination that mix physiological saline to get on eyeball, use finally mix the physiological saline that has penicillin to rinse. With achieve towel clamp to mention fluctuation eyelid, the sterilization gauze with wet reoccupy presses eyeball the socket of eye of pleasant to see gently inside. The Tu Bu on eyeball tetracycline eye creams. To prevent eyeball again emergence can be in needle of 2-3 of suture of fluctuation eyelid tubercle.
(2) eliminate inflammation, with penicillin 200 thousand unit, rice of ground a place of strategic importance is loose 2 milligram, 2 % after 0.5 milliliter mix procaine, do hypodermically in fluctuation eyelid close therapeutics, 1 / day, day of use consecutively 3-5. (S) necrotic already to eyeball, did not cure a hope, should apply eyeball excises art.
Its method sees operation share.