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Tetanus is by tetanic shuttle bacterium invades cut, grow inside cut breed secretes toxin, cause function disorder. Clinical on main show should stimulate sexual heighten for motorial system, systemic muscle is durative the feature with contractive convulsion.
Tetanic shuttle bacterium distributings in nature very wide. All contract this disease likely after canine outdoors activity causes broken injury. Vet branch all answers to inject instantly after so outdoors is defeated tetanic antitoxin.
[symptom] this disease is preclinical for 5-10 day, long can amount to a few weeks. Wounded place is closer from the head, come on faster, and the symptom also is weighed.
Dog and other animal photograph are compared, stronger to the resistance of tetanic toxin. Clinical go up to see sex of rigidity of local sex muscle is contractive more. But partial case of illness has convulsion of systemic sex rigidity it is thus clear that, mandibular joint lock is afraid of light, be afraid of sound, be afraid of fright, the condole after a bit stimulation suffers from a dog to be able to behave rigidity of excited, muscle, form to be like trojan, quarrel, two ear are erect and draw close, haw appears, the hand touchs muscle of whole body having a dog inflexible. Because breathe flesh convulsion,systole has breathing difficulty it is thus clear that. Systole gnawing flesh makes deglutition of mastication having a dog difficult.
Difference of tetanic course of diseases is very big, some of serious case of illness dies inside 2-3 day. Some is slow happen and not serious. Die in day of the 3-10 after occurrence symptom mostly. Rehabilitation period may last for a long time, still can observe motion does not reach the symptom with inflexible muscle neatly after 4-6 week sometimes.
Prognosis of most case of illness is undesirable, because eat difficulty, cause death of hidebound, exhaustion. But the prognosis having a dog of local rigidity is good.
[diagnose] this the root cause of illness or trouble is reached according to clinical symptom it is normal that after having broken injury, systole of muscle rigidity sex and temperature appear mostly OK diagnose.
[cure] eliminate cause of disease, counteract toxin, composed spasmolysis, fight pair of disease of bacterium diminish inflammation to treat a method.
(1) find out cut enlarge to achieve, with hydrogen peroxide solution (30 % ) irrigate, use cut of local treatment of 2-5 % tincture of iodine next, pink of sulphanilamide of iodoform of the bestrew inside cut. Cut is exposed, avoid wraps up.
(2) inside flesh or 10 thousand units of 3-5 of antiserum of static inject tetanus / second, 1 / day, use consecutively 3 days.
(3) the diminish inflammation that fight bacterium, penicillin weight of kilogram of / of 50 thousand unit, day of 2-3 second / . Successive inject a week.
(4) composed spasmolysis, chlorpromazine weight of kilogram of 5 milligram / .
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