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Verminosis has a dog nurse
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Mite bug is affected, it is a dog the common disease that in the summer sultry weather condition issues, cure the time with longer need, and have a relapse easily, effect a radical cure not easily.
The person that raise a dog besides do laboratory test to the dog, vet is diagnosed and treat please besides, those who contain drive mite bug should be use to wash hair fluid to the dog in the summer.
Do not let a dog walk into the room of laid carpet, avoid to be contacted with the dog that has skin disease as far as possible; Do not go meadow, do not go especially the meadow that other dog often goes to.
When the dog has Sao urticant feeling, can give some of chlorpheniramine, breath rice of a place of strategic importance of Si Min, ground coniferous medicaments, also can use preparation of a few ointment, the inunction is in have a department, affect in case, promotional skin cicatrizations.