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Dog kind of the tooth maintain
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The tooth is a dog chew and gnaw bite food, especially the main tool of hard bone. Like person tine, when food broken broken bits or ort lay aside stay in slit between the teeth, can cause a bacterium to be caused in slit between the teeth, cause dental caries or gingival inflammation, the appetite that affects a dog and digest. Because this wants often or the tooth that checks a dog regularly, discover the problem is handled in time.

Method: Dip in with wet tampon take tooth powder (do not want choose and employ persons to use toothpaste, the dog does not like the sort of smell) , with cleared dental calculus. Brush a tooth 1 times to the dog every week commonly can. In addition, want to often feed bone to the dog, can satisfy a dog to gnaw the desire that bites a thing, also can achieve grind brush the purpose that ages with solid.