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The purpose that * bathes

The secretion of canine sebaceous glands has a kind of bad taste, and still can touch nasty thing to make by wool intricate, give out blast a stink. If do not give a dog to bathe, bring about easily cause of disease is microbial the descent with helminth, make your dog falls ill. Accordingly, must bathe to the dog, maintain cutaneous cleanness sanitation, be helpful for canine health.

The time that * bathes

Him dog is licked with the tongue by wool a kind of instinct that is canine ego cleanness, but this is far insufficient still to canine cleanness, must bathe to him. Normally, the home raises a dog every months to be washed 1 times, air temperature is high and damp south, can 1-2 week is washed 1 times.
The method that * bathes

Young dog because resistance is weaker, easy because bathe catch cold catch cold and produce respiratory tract infection, cold and pneumonic. Because of these half years old the young dog of less than shoulds not be water bath, dry-clean is advisable, everyday or lie between a day to spray 1000 times more attenuant of above protect hair element and infantile talcum powder, comb often brush, can replace bath.

Young dog is afraid of bathe, especially dog of sanded skin young is to fear water more. Accordingly, the training that should do first time of good young dog to bathe works, with washbasin replete Wen Shui, put young dog into the basin inside, show head and neck, such meetings make the dog feels comfortable, also won't not wish to bathe later.

The accurate method that enter bath is as follows: Canine head to you left stand, left hand holds off canine head lower part to arrive before the bosom place, secure good dog put oneself in another's position. In tub of right hand park, the order that presses ministry of back of coxal, back, abdomen, hind legs, shoulder, forelimb with Wen Shui gently wringing, hair essence is washed on besmear (had better be pet shampoo) , gently after knead, with the comb very fast wash and dress, press with finger before rinse press anus two side, squeeze the secretion of anal gland come out. Use left hand or right hand to obscure two ear up from ministry issueing palate, support gently to be rinsed downward from the beginning with clear water, the attention prevents current to enter ear, next by before human body of body of general of in the future is departmental rinse clean with clear water, encase with towel instantly the head, wipe water. Long hair dog can be blown with blower dry, airing while, otherwise breaks ground combing, want canine body to did not work only, should comb all the time till Mao Gan.

Watchful item answers when * bathes

The first, before bathing, must comb first by wool, such already but the wool that tangle is together combs, prevent by wool intricate more serious; Also but the bilge eliminate chunk, facilitate abluent. Especially all round the mouth, ear hind, alar, the place such as needle of inside, foot, the place that the dog wishs to let a person comb least of all should be combed clean more. When combing, to decrease and avoid aching feeling of the dog, can handhold single-handed wool root ministry, another hand is combed.
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