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Intelligence quotient love a dog checks: How does intelligence quotient of dog o
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Your dog dog should at least one year old of ability can check. Regard the exam as game, such it just is willing to do. Every test is supreme 3 minutes. But still have add branch.
Exam one: Choose you not to sneak away normally the day of the dog or time, look attentively at in it below, the key that takes you gently and the rope that pull a dog (or other the thing) of smooth dog. If it is very excited, get 3 minutes. If you must go,arrive when the doorway, it just knew to should go out, get dichotomy. If it is only,one face must sit in that absently, be obliged one minute.
Add cent: If your dog dog wants to let you know it must go to the lavatory apparently,went to the lavatory, for example, hold dog string actively to you, give it full marks 5 minutes. If it is guarding,toilet also does not make you convenient, need not undertake again below course. Because your dog dog is clever zenithal.
Test 2: Leave the dog dog area that resting room, it loves reorder most slow-witted place (sofa, nest, cushion of what) the position. If it runs quickly to the niche that it likes most directly, if it is long the trace of extrude, get 3 minutes. If it is perambulatory,circuit finds the place inside 30 seconds, get dichotomy. If it is disinclined to bother, look for a sodden place to lay down casually, get a minute.
Test 3: Take a towel of big drop, cover the head in dog dog gently, if it flounces off towel inside 15 seconds, get 3 minutes; If 15 to 30 seconds, get dichotomy; If it is taking towel to ramble in disorder all day long, still touch canister of bad bottle container, be obliged one minute.
Add cent: If towel of your dog dog the top of head, ramble in disorder everywhere, return what thing to be not touched, add a minute to it. Decrease 10 minutes to yourself next, who makes you so mean let your dog dog taking a towel to ramble in disorder everywhere all the day.
Test 4: Test dog dog solves the ability of the problem below. Put on table or high chair in dog dog, food or lower part of toy park desk and chair it can use a paw only (not be a head) the seat that gets quite. If dog dog uses a paw,go enough, and food is taken inside a minute, get 3 minutes. If it uses the mouth and paw, no matter do not have enough move quite, get dichotomy, because it tried at least. If just use the mouth,unsuccessful hind abandons, get a minute.
Add cent: If dog dog sees bait, see you, see bait again, see you again, get full marks 5 minutes. Because it knows those who use it to be full of distress then, the eyes that provides power extremely, let you give it darlingly the thing.
Test 5: With chipboard (those who be like the furniture that pack or electric equipment the sort of) do a fraise, dog of prep above dog the height with two erect legs, both sides is secured with two cases each, whole fraise is made an appointment with 4 Mi Wukuan. A 30 centimeter are dug on chipboard wide, from the rectangle that each 40 centimeter issue on chipboard. After been do, did not forget to be added to oneself very, set a paper is not easy also. It is enticed with bait opposite fraise, if it is inside 30 seconds,bypass fraise, get 3 minutes. If be a minute, get dichotomy. If block oneself in square hole, get a minute.
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