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Of autumn flesh dog raise with management
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The metabolization inside put oneself in another's position of autumn flesh dog is exuberant, nutrient reserve increases, collect appetite to also increase accordingly, xia Mao begins to fall off, qiu Mao begins to grow, it is the 2nd progenitive season in a year at the same time, it is particularly important to because this strengthens autumn flesh dog,raise management.

(one) strengthen nutrition

Want to increase ration raise to feed a volume appropriately, improve ration quality, make sure the dog can obtain the high grade feed with rich nutrition, with live through the winter of safety of benefit flesh dog. Want kind of dog with special poorer to the constitution attention to undertake fatten rejuvnation, in order to improve be impregnated rate and kitten quality.

(2) do well the dog is abandoned and the playground should disinfect the dog regularly, every 10 ~ are disinfected 15 days. Undertake sparge is disinfected on the foundation that disinfection is sweeping rinse thoroughly. Disappear venom can use ~ of solution of 2% formalin, 3% caustic soda, 3 % solution of Er of 5 % lysol.

(3) prevent dermatosis to want to maintain the skin and by Mao Qingjie, promote dermatosis of successful molt, precaution happening. Dog for hibernate drive cold, the autumn begins molt, a large number of hair begin to fall off. Early autumn, activity of the helminth outside the body such as mussel, cootie is frequent, to prevent the happening of the verminosis outside dermatosis of this period dog and body, should undertake for the dog combing is mixed regularly on one hand wash bath, the contamination that cleared body expresses and hair, bathe general 10 ~ are washed 15 days, canine catch a cold should prevent when bathing to the dog. Want to exterminate a dog to abandon the helminth outside the body with playground place on the other hand.

(4) hybridization is reasonable

Want dog of state-owned to autumn oestrus parent to strengthen management, accomplish hybridization of in a planned way, assure young dog quality. Had better not feed before hybridization feed, copulatory dot chooses to comparing quiet environment. Adopt repeat hybridization law, around is copulatory 2, time interval 48 hours, two hybridization are usable and same fair dog, but everyday copulatory frequency must not exceed 1 times, also can use different and individual fair dog hybridization.

(5) do well drive bug

Should do well autumn dog group drive bug, make sure rate of medicaments drive bug amounts to 95% above. Every two months use worm of drive of Zun Xuanmi Zun, the bug put oneself in another's position that leaves to drive and excrement and urine should keep clear of instantly and undertake fermenting handling. In the meantime, contagion of precautionary bowel path should be added in feed medicine, sanded star of Nuo of sanded star of the fluorine that be like Nuo, favour, every week 2.

(6) the precaution that strengthens canine contagion
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