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The dog had better not drink mineral water
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Human body need complements in time water, vitamin and all sorts of microelement, the dog is not exceptional also. Accordingly, as host, in daily life, how should give pet compensatory nutrition and microelement? For this, " life times " the reporter interviewed doctor of hospital of Lin Degui of dean of hospital of animal of Chinese agriculture college and pet of Chinese forestry university Lv Yanli.
Filling water: Had better drink mineral water less. To the dog, water is the main component that its nutrition makes. The dog is short of water to be able to bring about the demote below ability of digestive backwater, inappetence, disease-resistant, should be short of water to achieve 20% when cause dog death possibly. Accordingly, the water amount that the dog should absorb at least everyday is every kilograms of weight 100 milliliter.

How to judge a doggie to lack water? Lin Degui says, mention when you of the doggie cervical when, the skin that discovers this place cannot reply in time; Or eyelid cave in; Or discover uric color is very yellow, odour pole coquettish, be about to fill water.

Lin Degui says, no matter much busier the water that should add full amount to dog basin, assure a dog at any time drinkable. Those who be worth to remind is, had better not drink mineral water to them, "Because the metal in mineral water is ionic content is higher, long-term and drinkable adverse to dog health. " Lin Degui points out, plain boiled water is better choice. In addition, eat bit of fruit appropriately to the dog pretty good also.

Compensatory vitamin: Feed animal liver and turnip every months. The vitamin is crucial to the dog, have promote grow, side aid digestion, counteractive disease, maintain doggie skin health, hair to arrange slippery wait for action. Accordingly, host should take care a dog to whether had appeared to lack the sign of the vitamin.

"If the doggie is not very acute to object reaction, be like myopia; Or the eye is muddy not clear have fester, mouth has the sign of fester, the tooth bleeds, this is devoid vitamin. " Lv Yanli reminds say, generally speaking, the dog cannot eat professional dog food to cause this normally. "The recipe of professional dog food basically compares science, nutrition is balanced, OK and contented dog is right the demand of the vitamin. " Lv Yanli say, if dog inappetence, need the extra point food in dog food. Best, every month can eat bit of animal liver appropriately to the dog, the liver that be like chicken, pork liver, or the cod-liver oil that feed a dot. Additional, still can eat bit of turnip and ripe egg to them.

Finally, lv Yanli is special remind, because gastric bowel function is not quite perfect still,be not worth the dog darling of 6 months, still let them eat food of special dog of young dog recipe so, do not want random filling vitamin, in case diarrhoea.

Filling calcium: Great much time need not use. To the dog character, the most important is to prevent calcic shortage. Calcium can promote skeleton to grow, retain skeletal strength. The dog that is short of calcium is not long, and still meet the leg is illy. For example, we see some dogs did not get hurt, however lamely, be short of calcium and that is brought about likely. More serious be short of calcium, still can bring about young dog to suffer from on rachitic, gibbosity, can appear into the dog the symptom such as osteoporosis.
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