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Canine assimilation is characteristic
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The dog belongs to carnivorous eye on the zootaxy. Canine ancestor with preying puppy is given priority to, now and then also use stem tuber kind plant allay one's hunger. After the dog is raised by human example, feeding habits produced change, become the omnivorous animal that gives priority to with carnivorous, but maigre also can maintain life. Even so, but they still maintain now give priority to a such digestive character with carnivorous, be like canine tooth, promulgate to have a pair of acerb canine tooth each up and down, reflected meat animal to be good at the characteristic of worry prey, of the dog molar acerber also, able-bodied, can cut off food, gnaw when biting bone, age the pressure between can amount to 165 kilogram up and down, but not good at mastication. Accordingly, when the dog has a thing, be really " voracious " , very few mastication. Canine esophagus has rich striated muscle on the wall, vomitive centre develops. Should eat to be able to cause intense vomitive reflex into poison hind, swallow the poison eduction inside the stomach, it is a kind of more unique defense ability. Canine salivary gland develops, can secrete a large number of saliva, wet oral cavity and feed, facilitating mastication and deglutition. Bacteriolysis still is contained in saliva enzymatic, have antiseptic effect. In burning hot season, the evaporate diverge of the moisture in relying on saliva is hot, temperature of adjustment of so as to. Accordingly, in summer we often can see the dog opens big mouth, extend growing long tongue is to replace sudoriferous medicinal powder hot. Canine stomach submits frame-up pear form, the content of the hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is 0.4~0.6% , in the head the list in cattle. Hydrochloric acid can make protein expands metamorphic, facilitate decompose digest. Accordingly, the dog is very strong to protein digestive ability, this is the foundation of its carnivorous characteristics. The dog is in hour of the 5~7 after feeding can discharge the food in the stomach entirely empty, should be fed than other grass or omnivorous animal is fast a lot of. Alvine canal of the dog is shorter, the 3~4 that has body length only commonly times, the bowel of the horse that is odd stomach likewise and hare is in charge of 12 times what be body length. Alvine wall of the dog is large, absorb ability strong, these are typical carnivorous features. Canine liver is bigger, those who be equivalent to weight 3% the left and right sides, excretive bile is helpful for adipose absorption. The centre of the dog that discharge dung is underdeveloped, cannot advancing in that way like other cattle dung of the platoon below condition.
The dog is mixed to protein adipose can digest well absorb, but be in charge of with bowel inadequately because of mastication short, do not provide ferment ability, reason is poor to the digestive ability of crude fibre. Accordingly, when feeding vegetable to the dog, answer mincing, thoroughly cook, unfavorable whole, whole ground is fed.

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