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How can take care of your lifetime love a cat
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(one) new student cat raise management
The kitten is born a few Zhou Shi, the body is very frail. No matter bring up artificial still feed by feline mom, need host paying close attention to them very right now. After the kitten is born, host must help him eat on mother milk, especially first colostrum of 3 days cannot be in short supply, this bit is very important, otherwise, the survival rate of the kitten is hope of it doesn't matter. After be born because of the kitten, antibody still cannot produce inside body, the antibody of mother cat can go out through colostrum secrete, and the alvine line of new student kitten absorbs the antibody in colostrum easily, make the kitten gains passive immunity strength thereby, this is very important to protecting the health of the kitten. Accordingly, after the kitten is born, should make its eat colostrum as soon as possible, had better be in after be born inside 24 hours with respect to lactation, time is lengthened, path of short-haired pelt bowel drops to the absorptivity of antibody.

If mother cat is produced child more, have among them weak child, cannot be found or do not grab on tit, should assist rotten cat at this moment, let its eat mother milk as far as possible. Mother cat is time make a kitten sucking, can lick the part of external genital organs of lap kitten ceaselessly, this grows to the health of the kitten have main effect. Licking through licking can be kitten body skin already Mao Qingjie sanitation and the haemal abide that stimulative body expresses are bad, can stimulate kitten micturition and platoon dung again, stomachic.

After the kitten is born, if die because of mother cat, without breast or kitten by abandon, answer to adopt raise of artificial lactation method to feed a kitten as soon as possible. Use milk powder substitute or milk powder of infantile appropriative synthesis to add water modulation by the regulation with the cat normally. Cannot use the mankind's drinkable milk or bright grandma, path of small cap bowel is sensitive, do not suit drinkable, can cause diarrhoea and sickness. Usable feeder or injector add plastic pipe to serve as the tool of artificial lactation. Absorb with lactation tool first right amount warm milk, too hot or cold grandma is no good, gently of nab kitten cervical make its smooth extend and cannot too tall, in case food is entered by accident tracheal with lung in. Insert the nipple of feeder slowly in kitten mouth, but movement cannot too fierce, can make otherwise kitten be frighted. Extruding grandma juice wants slow, watch the deglutition action of the kitten carefully, suit slowly.

The kitten is born inside a week, every day and night should maintain every 2 hours to feed feed, can nurse every time 3- - 6ml. 7, 14 days, maintain every 2 hours are nursed by day, night is nursed 4 hours every, nurse every time 6, 8ml. 14- - 21 days, but every other 3- - 4 hours are fed, every time 8, 10ml. 3 Zhou Ling hind besides nursing water, should feed to the kitten some soft and digestible food. Notice kitten heat preservation even, especially in the winter, can use warm water bag or pet appropriative electric heat board, but should notice to use electric security, suggest 6 hours every to be changed commonly with warm water bag.
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