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Pet helminth and dermatosis notice
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1, flea! Suck hematic demon! !

Somebody will be amazed perhaps, flea! So " terrible " thing, how can you call genius? Actually, it is beyond the mark not at all to call it to be demon! !

This kind of gnat has extremely strong bouncing capacity, live get used to ability. Bouncing ability is well-known, be equivalent to the height that 18 buildings control a person's optional capriole. And live get used to ability, not be a lot of people know.

Above all: Below normal circumstance, it gives small flea to need to hatch from egg 3- - 4 weeks time, that is to say, the time of a month, see had been our understanding no longer that. However, but when temperature humidity is appropriate, 30 days to it already too long, 30 days when, it has been full hall of children and grand children! But at every turn can not wish along with flea, weather is occasionally cold, occasionally the mankind can use environmental pesticide, was full of mephitis everywhere, so bad environment, they can go to this process defer above of half an year, hind of half an year still is a good flea!

Next, the lifetime of flea, having 5% only go up in animal body, other time is in the environment. So, do not think the flea that go up kills a pet body to finish the job, actually still 95% is awaiting an opportunity, run to eat of the beauty on the body. Do not think it is to bilk, ate to still can have give free, e.g. : Irritability dermatitis, tapeworm is waited a moment. Occasionally, flea still can turn these problems to the person's body. Certain now expert thinks, actually flea is in only the person just just can bite when hatch comes out, but this one enough also people is urticant on several days. So, exterminate this kind of demon that sucks blood effectively, became the serious problem that creates favorable environment.

2, there still can be flea after why using drive flea drug

Occasionally, just had used drive flea drug, or the fluid that use drug bathes 9 days, discovered flea on pet body, be medicaments invalidation? The reason with other what be still?

Appear this kind of circumstance, two is plant likelihood. The first kind is use remedy cannot kill flea effectively; Because flea just climbs pet body,the 2nd kind is, medicaments has not developed action to cause. And the element that causes the 2nd kind of cause is very much also, some are the larva as a result of flea of the existence in living environment, after development is mature, they can jump out to climb pet body; The pet that should take a walk to the meadow to those day day will tell, see this kind of case very easily. The medicaments with bad result, the flea to mounting the body this kind later cannot be controlled effectively, and effective remedy can be before flea bite pet, kill them in time entirely, use effective remedy, can avoid to cause irritability dermatitis already, can prevent their multiply offspring again. So, it is very important to choose anthelmintic content correctly.

3, tick!

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