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What person dog contracts a disease in all
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Person and dog dog are contacted, be unavoidable to hold in the arms touch, most the problem that often appears, it is allergic reaction. Some people are met because of the hair of dog of dog of bring into contact with or saliva mark is urticant, give roseola even, because of,also have some of person of inspiratory dog dog scurfy or hair and cause asthmatic disease or rhinitis is ill.

Additional, if the helminth outside the body of dog of a few dogs is pedicular the disease that gets on the body likely infects the mankind like heart filariasis. Another some of endoparasite is like ascarid to wait, what also can pass dog dog is fecal infect. The saliva of dog dog contains a certain quantity of bacterium, if your body surface has cut, be about to take care to avoid to touch their saliva, suffer bacterial infection in case.

Still a few may catch dog dog disease of the mankind, include disease of monetary tinea, hydrophobic, salmonella, cat to catch heat to wait. As to other the disease that can carry with dog dog contact transmission still has a lot of, protozoon of body of the plasma that be like poison (Toxoplasmosis) , rash of larva of sex of divide with a hyphen at the end of a line (Cuataneouslarra Migrans) , hare is pyretic (Tularemza, not was necessary to be recounted one by one. A few diseases, it is dog dog catchs a person, conversely, the person also can catch a few diseases to pet. So, raise a dog, what must pay attention to individual and pet is wholesome, notice circumjacent surroundings, do clean work more at ordinary times, avoid as far as possible or little kiss with dog dog, prevent person dog to contract a disease in all.