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Pet is lovely, flea is bored, simple method dismisses your worry.
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1: orange skin, on the west shaddock skin, 3 valve garlic, probably the water of 500 milliliter mixes together, mix of machine of the juice that use flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil is even, heat 15 minutes to wait with small fire next cool two hind, install watering can, want escape eye only, go to the gush on pet body directly.

2: This is explicit the pillow that uses to pet, sleep mat, the simplest in all round put into a few cedar, bay ash leaf, field mint leaf (drugstore has those who sell is very cheap also) OK also easily the flea that gets on pet body is driven away.

3: Dietotherapy method, in mixing the vinegar of one spoon the water in about 1000 milligram, as the daily drinking water of pet, to preventing flea, flat cootie, very effective.

4: To me the courtyard chooses flea necklace, hang in the neck. (Suggest to be used for a long time)