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Spectrum of choice pet doctor pet hospital prices do not look to the three
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Dog was "sentenced" with lumbar disc, the two pets out of the hospital's diagnosis was different, very different health care prices. Recently, a number of pet clinics in Jinan reporter found that the state charges in the pet hospital, there is no specific regulatory provisions, the pet hospital fees is quite confusing. Both hospitals say the two charged three times the difference A few days ago, Ms. Lee by a dog in the Jinan citizens with master when playing in a fall, there has been pain conditions. Lee anxious night with a puppy dog to the regular vaccination of pet hospital. Hospital doctors to hear the film shot after dog. After the doctor told the dog suffering from lumbar disc, another view of the pain, you need to play close to relieve pain and inflammation. Ms. Lee asked to play a few needles, health care, pointing 4,5 film festival on the first lumbar vertebra, said at least want to make two needles, each needle 30. Ms. Lee is not assured, and had a pet dog to another hospital, the hospital's doctors also said that dogs suffering from lumbar disc herniation, but need to in the penultimate section of lumbar play closed 4,5, each needle 10. Listening to the different diagnosis and price, Ms. Lee endless wonder: who in the end of the hearing? Dictates the cost of fees is not one 10 yuan, 30 yuan, and why the price of a needle can be closed so much difference? Jinan Municipal Price Bureau, said a staff member, pet hospital is an emerging industry, now in its designated price regulation Equipments, Medical Malpractice, etc. No specific provisions. In addition, because the charges are now open pet hospital, and drug prices and treatment charges from the pet hospital doctors the final say. Reporter visited some of the pet hospital, also met a similar situation. Although most pet hospitals have posted price list, but the price varies. Ms. Lee told reporters that she would call prices closed consulted several pet hospital, asking price is not that different, and some can bargain the price vet the final say. A pet hospital staff told reporters that the pet hospital fees, instead of rent, labor, medical equipment and other costs be separated, only a small proportion of drugs. Pet care more than 10 years, said Ms. Han people, according to her knowledge, many pet hospitals, "doctors" are not regular veterinary; to the same pet see the same disease, different pet hospitals offer different. Select Pet Hospital to see the three Reporter online search for "Which Pet Hospital of Jinan best" found that many pet owners say that such and such a good family doctors, but few have mentioned equipment, medical qualifications and some hard conditions for the comments. Industry sources, now some of veterinary medicine is not high, because it is cotton with pet owners, the owner won the goodwill and trust, medical mistakes pet, the owner had to thank him. " Animal health supervision in Shandong online, the reporter found that the current practice of pet clinics and veterinarians have the appropriate management approach, but the pet did not perform on the drug price standard. It is understood that the hospital offered to obtain pet "animal clinic license" and "animal epidemic prevention certificate" two cards, also received a business license application for the business sector. To this end, to remind pet owners choose when the animal medical clinic, a hospital there to see the animal clinic license, two veterinary surgeons to see whether the job qualification, followed by the size of the hospital equipment, but also observed how, in large Pet Hospital the first choice.