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Avian flu of prevention and cure: Talk " birds " need not color changes
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Our country circumjacent country and home produce avian flu epidemic situation recently, cause people height attention. The expert points out, people prevents the transmission of avian flu and infection completely possibly, need not talk " birds " color changes.

To prevent the transmission of avian flu, our country government adopted a series of is on guard actively already measure, according to " law of epidemic prevention of animal of People's Republic of China " concern a provision with the Ministry of Agriculture, will have block to epidemic disease area, attack all round the dot that fight epidemic disease all fowl inside 3 kilometer limits, undertook compulsive immunity to the fowl inside limits of the 5 kilometer outside epidemic disease area, take strict precautions against the chicken that produces avian flu area to may be affected by flu virus and egg to sell in the market.

In the circumjacent province that produces epidemic situation, concerned local government also gave height to take seriously to epidemic prevention job, organize quickly on one hand make avian flu prevent and cure beforehand case, build break out the lash-up reaction mechanism that causes epidemic situation of ill sex avian flu high, build and perfect quick response system; On the other hand, strict epidemic situation monitors a system, increase the density that monitor, implement daily report system, put an end to stoutly hide the truth from epidemic situation of newspaper, give false information.

According to expert introduction, sending ill sex avian flu high is caused by A flu virus, flu virus is more sensitive to heat. Be heated to last 30 minutes to 56 ℃ when flu virus, active can be lost when perhaps be being heated to last 10 minutes to 60 ℃ . If be heated to come to 65 ℃ when 70 ℃ , want time a few minutes to be able to be killed namely only. If still feel to the chicken that the market sells and egg,not be at ease, can undertake heating handling. Additional, bane of commonly used disappear is like formalin, bleaching powder, iodic preparation to wait, can destroy its infectivity quickly.

The job of prevention and cure of avian flu has had 100 old history, world each country accumulated rich experience. From the point of the experience of prevention and cure of each country, sending ill sex avian flu high can prevent completely.

Want us to rely on masses of legal system of science, support, support only, cogent strengthen epidemic situation monitoring, fulfil each precautionary measures, once discover epidemic disease birds, attack stoutly kill, complete disinfection, prevent epidemic situation to diffuse, put out epidemic situation on epidemic disease dot, block of complete likelihood breaks the epidemic situation transmission to the person, ensure people is healthy.

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