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Of Persia cat raise and manage
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Persia cat is depilated very easily, especially abdominal nap pesters knot the most easily, it is the ground that shelter evil people and practices and causes a bacterium, so master must daily for it obligate goes out 30 minutes to comb by wool, eliminate is dead at the same time wool. Every months time bathing is indispensable more, go to professional pet center doing appropriately nursing is to maintain an a suit is provoking of envy beautiful by the key of wool. Give Persia a few issues that the attention wants when the cat bathes:

The 1 frequency that bathe also shoulds not be too diligent, it is every months of 2-3 normally second. The grease on kitten skin has certain protective effect to the skin and wool, if bathe the frequency is too diligent, grease meets a large number of forfeiture, make the wool of the kitten becomes fragile very easily, cutaneous bounce is reduced, make dermatitis disease possibly cause an element.

2 when bathing, indoor should keep warm, should prevent a kitten to cause a cold because of catch a cold more in winter especially.

3 before bathing, still should let a kitten have light activity, make the cat discharges excrement make water.