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Our country raises pig trade current situation and development prospect
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One, the current situation that raise a pig and main problem

(one) current situation of the trade that raise a pig

Since reforming and opening, especially since 90 time are prime, our country raises pig employment development is rapid, among them dimensions is changed, intensive changes the development that raise a pig especially rapid. Be like: 1990 of the pig raise a quantity to be 360 million, increased 430 million bull 2001; 1990 year produce commodity pig the hoggery of 50 above or door still be not worth 100 thousand, already developed many 80 now; Year give column 10 thousand above (contain 10 thousand) large hoggery also by be not worth 100 and develop 600 many; All sorts of dimensions turn pig farm year the amount of pig of commodity giving column also by be not worth 1 million and increase so to 110 million or so, occupy the whole nation to give the 25 % that column measures. 2001, total output of our country pork amounts to many tons 4300, average per capita has pork 31 kilograms, already also tended stable. Current, the amount of livestock on hand of our country pig counts the 51 % that hold number of world total amount of livestock on hand, pork crop occupies the 48 % that world pork total factory measures, but the 3.4 % that export a quantity to be pork total output only.

(2) the main problem of existence

1, raise scale small, variety quality is poor;

2, technical force is weak, manufacturing level is low;

3, medical damage is serious, the flesh owes beautiful character;

4, epidemic disease is severe;

5, pollute an environment.

2, the characteristic that our country raises pig employment and advantage

(one) characteristic

1, breed big country, the history is long, have the traditional experience that raise a pig;

2, population is numerous, labor is superfluous, natural resources of farmland of average per capita is scarce be short of.

Be based on this, this decided the production raising a pig of our country, developed country of economy of cannot complete follow the sort of large or exceed large height intensive to change, the pattern raising a pig that the factory changes, however big, medium, small, medicinal powder coexist, and with in the labor that gives priority to in a small way is concentrated model the mode that raise a pig. This is our country henceforth one longer the main characteristic that the production that raise a pig expands inside historical period.

(2) advantage

1, manufacturing cost is low (labor, feed) ;

2, pork price is low (relatively the international market conforms price is low 57 % ) ;

3, have feed industry foundation and source of optional choose feed;

4, have a large number of advanced institution of higher learning and talent to groom base;

5, the government takes seriously very, code is perfected gradually;

6, special consumptive convention and dietary culture.

3, the train of thought that our country expands the line of business that raise a pig: Develop energetically without pork of social effects of pollution
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