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Hydrophobic vaccinal and vaccinal note
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One, disease brief introduction
Hydrophobic it is by the source of natural epidemic disease of hydrophobic poisonous be caused by gender or cultivate of person of animal source sex contract acute infection in all, epidemic is wide, rate of die in one's bed is extremely high, cause serious menace to people life health. Hydrophobic typical and clinical expression is disease fearing water, reason is hydrophobic say again hydrophobic. Initial stage is right the stimulation such as sound, smooth, wind is sensitive and laryngeal has hair close feeling, enter excitement period to be able to be behaved for exceeding horror, fear water, be afraid of flesh of wind, paroxysmal pharynx difficulty of convulsion, breath, final convulsion fit stops and appear all sorts of breaking down, because breathe,can fail quickly with the loop and die. The person is hydrophobic basically bite through sicken animal, claw or by mucous membrane infection is caused, fall to still can enrage sol to infect through respiratory tract in specific requirement. Suffer catch animal saliva embedded hydrophobic poison. Catching an animal basically is a dog (exceed 90%) , it is a cat next.

Have rigorous management, dog to the dog immunity or destroy dog, it is control person's hydrophobic active and effective method. Vaccine of wild dog of the have an inoculation after the person is bitten by the animal and fighting hydrophobic serum is the main method with precautionary hydrophobic infection. Still do not have special and effective treatment method to this disease at present, die in one's bed is led almost 100% .

2, vaccinal
The person is domestic initiate with hydrophobic rarefied vaccine, it is shrewmouse kidney of hydrophobic vaccine replace a product. This vaccine chooses Vero cell to be cellular matrix, can have industrialized production, crop is big, quality is stable, its security and effect all excel shrewmouse kidney is hydrophobic vaccinal.

Good seek medical advice

[Action and utility]
After this vaccinal immunity is vaccinal, can stimulate airframe generation to fight force of hydrophobic poisonous immunity, use at precaution hydrophobic. Very go to a doctor

[Composition and character]
This strain uses hydrophobic fixed poison (one IV) of CTN gets used to individual plant, vaccinal at Vero cell, after education, harvest virus fluid, via condensing, rarefied, purificatory add agent of hydroted alumina assistant to be made; Vaccine shows milky cloudy liquid, long put form can shake the precipitation that come loose. Hao91.com

Taste every ampoule originally for 1. 0ml. Every time the person uses dose 1. 0ml is contained at least 2. 5IU, the precaution before exposing injects 3 agents are L period of treatment, the cure after exposing injects 5 agents are 1 period of treatment.

Good seek medical advice

[Quality standard]
According to " regulations of Chinese biological product " edition standard was produced 2000 and calibrating, accord with quality requirement. Hao91.com
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