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Canine constitution and anatomize a structure
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Canine breed is very much, diversity of its constitution size can be in 20 times above. Canine put oneself in another's position is top can exceed 1 meter, the shortest dog with 20 centimeters of the only heaviest; has one 130 kilogram, the smallest dog has 1.5 kilogram only. Canine constitution although difference is bigger, but anatomize construction basic and identical. The dog has 225~230 piece bone, these bone not only made the system propping up with canine strong put oneself in another's position, have protective effect to splanchnic organ, and it is the foundation that can run quickly tantivy. Of the dog hefty, strong, make it not only can run quickly, and wear is good. According to the report, dog 100 meters record is 5.925 seconds, by ash of a Holand the dog was created 1971. This speed is far get more quickly than the mankind much, and with 100 meters of speed of horse race 5.17 seconds are close to very much, it is average home raises medium-sized dog, its 100 meters of speed also do not exceed 10 seconds, very agile. Canine endurance is famed at the world, can run continuously a few kilometers. Be like the transmit orders dog during the the First World War, ran with 50 minutes only the distance of 21.7 kilometers. The famousest is the contest of blowmobile pulling force that holds around arctic, ten dogs are helping the article with hundreds of serious kilogram, be in centigrade 0 many degrees 40, cold wind runs quickly on biting snow ground, and have short number hour only everyday rest. According to account, a dog can help the goods that moves 100 kilogram to weigh on snow ground.
Way of hind legs spirit is strong, hefty, accordingly, the dog also is high jump hotshot, highest can jump over 5 meters fraise.