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Dog and protein
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Protein is the foundation of canine life activity, occupy " dry " the half of weight, be the content is most material beyond moisture is removed inside body. All sorts of organization organs inside body, participate in corporeal metabolization all sorts of enzymatic kind, reaching antibody is comprised by protein. When human body is injured, protein demand is more big, use repair cell and organ.
Making protein basic material is amino acid. The ability after the protein classics in food is digested and change is amino acid is absorbed to use by airframe. Amino acid can be divided be not indispensible and amino acid to need amino acid is mixed. Indispensible and amino acid is the amino acid that oneself pointing to a dog cannot arise or generation is not worth, must absorb from inside food. Blame must amino acid is to point to what can be changed from other and amino acid and come. When nutrition is lacked, blame must the synthesis of amino acid should be used up must amino acid. It is so when configuration food, want to notice nutrition is tie-in, do not want a road amount.
Protein lack, can make the protein inside canine put oneself in another's position metabolizes overbalance, cause appetite to drop, lose weight, grow protein content is reduced inside slow, blood, immunize force is reduced. Character of fair dog seminal fluid drops, spermatozoon amount decreases. Mother dog oestrus is unusual, do not become pregnant, although become pregnant, fetal also constant because development is undesirable and produce stillborn foetus or monster. But excessive raise feeds protein not only create waste, also can cause the metabolization inside body disorder, make function of system of heart, hepatic, enteron, central nervous maladjusted, sexual function drops, serious when produce acid toxic. Usually, grown dog everyday every kilogram weight needs 48 grams protein about, and grow the young dog of development period needs 9.6 grams about.