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Let a kitten be used to all sorts of taste
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One day is fed 3 be born to 4 kittens after 2 months, everyday appetite is mixed big cat is same. But because still be dot, so every appetite is mixed impossibly big cat is same, because this is divided everyday 3 feed it to 4, when the kitten every appetite adds a long time to be decreased slowly again. After the kitten is born 4 to 6 months it is to grow period, become to be brought up just about " person " the period that has strong bone carve and muscle ground, want to prepare the food with rich protein to it so. The appetite of this period kitten will be so big that the appetite of this period kitten make host amazed, but want it to want to eat only, might as well let it eat. The quantity of heat that the weight of the kitten needs 1 kilogram is " adult cat " 2 times. To grow, such quantity of heat is necessary still, the kitten can rise lustily with each passing day, those who want an attention is OK feed a dot more, but fasten card carefully its have loose bowels, appetite reduces a bit when wanting have loose bowels, feed a dot to resemble white body fish to it in that way easily digestive thing.
The cat need not match condiment the cat with nutrient spotless collocation appears to feed on the market recently, can feed with this kind of cat when time is not abundant, but host gives with one's own hands just was born kitten narrow one's eyes of the month is fed feeding also is an amusement. Want to eat all sorts of food to it in those days, and notice size wants to devour easily. Basically mix into some the beef, liver, white body fish that boils a bit, yoke, if want to feed onefold food, the attention often changes breed, can put salt and soy to wait carelessly a bit, but actually salt need not be put.