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There should be a small cat in the hand when, whether do you feel interrogative, how to know to take care of the baby of this delicate and exquisite? Once had raised a doggie probably, know a few take care of guiding principle basically, but feline Mi and dog dog are not the animal that is the same as sort unexpectedly surely, what have some of cat Mi so is basic need to know to want to try to be added more some horn.

The weight of feline Mi and bodily form
Doggie of unlike of the weight when the kitten is born because of breed differ and apparent difference exists. The birth of the kitten weighs 80-140 gram, average 10O is overcome. From be born to fortnight left and right sides, their weight, can increase of double. Appear carefully average every can increase 10 to 15 grams. The small chairman love a cat that the host of a lot of kittens hopes breakfast knows him is how old. If know the bodily form of the parents of the kitten and weight, can estimate the figure that gives it to did not come so. But if be the kitty cat that does not tell father and mother, that is obliged patient when it grows 7, big in August, when the trend of bodily form and gain weight alleviates, ability knows this kitten is fine and petite slender cat after all magnificent still and martial big strong cat.
Although the body length of the kitten has congenital genetic factor, but weight has very large part to operate however in master hand. The love cat in how allowing the home so carries standard weight and good figure, be about to relied on to host is taken care of attentively and observe carefully. The bodily form weight of feline Mi whether standard? We are OK by judged below at 3 o'clock: 1, cannot see rib, but can feel with the hand; 2, by upper part oversee, see rib is rear have the waist a bit; 3, abdomen is roused a little but not flagging, and walk won't rock. If the feline cat of your home accords with above at 3 o'clock, the type of build or figure that shows it very standard, otherwise, not be too fat be too angular.

The age computation of feline Mi and oestrus season
A lot of people regard feline Mi as oneself family look upon. Think of course computative how to push cipher out by current human age its cat age. The kitten is in be born the first year, every pass 20 days to was equivalent to the mankind be brought up 1 year old, become it so full when a year old, 18 years old when just be equivalent to a person. In person respect state oneself is grown when 18 years old completely, and to the kitten it also is not young cat to become a cat however. Once become a cat, its age growth can be accelerated, so every are equivalent to a person one year crossing 5-6 too year.
As to the oestrus of feline Mi, basically concern with season and weight, normally the first time oestrus of the kitten basically appears in body to heft 2, 3 kilograms when, become so kitten development when undesirable or weight is too light, with respect to meeting defer the time of its oestrus and feline Mi is to belong to seasonal the animal of friendship, when Chun Xia the inning that they spread out courtship to produce is when two season are longer by day, if miss this season, kitten narrow one's eyes also may when the defer oestrus advent to the season with correct the next. So every time when spring comes, fill appeal to outer meow, alluding the arrival of season of feline Mi oestrus, in right now everybody should see the love cat that tightens his carefully, lest it gets outside alluring and strong give a door, also answer again did not come, or it is to came back to finish gets hurt or catch a disease, this is quite bad thing, if you do not want to let you,so moggy Mi gives birth to the word of darling, help it make ligation please!
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