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Dog dog nutrition
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Water is indispensible nutrition material of the dog. The water of 60% is contained about inside the body of grown dog, the proportion of young dog is higher. Water is the indispensible material with metabolic dog, the participation that has water just can make the endocrine of human body and cellular structure maintain whack. Additionally water divides evaporate to make hot trade through body watch and respiratory system and outside, can hypothermia. If nutrient material did not dissolve in water, cannot be absorbed adequately, especially ill dog, if be short of,water cannot restore health. The dog can not have a meal two days, but cannot a day of anhydrous, be short of water to amount to 20% have life risk. Below normal circumstance, grown dog everyday the water that every kilogram weight needs 100 milliliter about, young dog everyday every kilogram weight needs 150 milliliter water. After high temperature season, motion or when raise feeds drier feed, should increase water quantity. Should round-the-clock supply water, hold the post of its drinkable.