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How to let pet safety hibernate
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Heat preservation of ventilated heat preservation is protected wet

Winter dog analogy contracts disease of the upper respiratory tract more easily. To prevent the happening of this kind of disease, want to notice ventilated heat preservation in the winter, heat preservation is protected wet.

Specific for, in the winter when, in the room that has central heating, closing a window not always, often should open a window to breathe freely. When love dog goes out to walk, should wear clothings more to it, catch a cold in order to prevent the catch a chill that difference in temperature of room inside and outside brings greatly too. Host should notice those who maintain indoor temperature is constant, too hot too cold perhaps not quite good to pet. Besides want heat preservation, indoor notice to protect even wet. If in the house too dry, love dog appears easily a lot of unwell symptoms. In the meantime, should notice not to let indoor temperature or humidity is too high, temperature is wet perhaps degree exorbitant cause skin disease easily still.

In dietary respect, can give complement love a dog a few vitamins and special energy sex in the winter nutrient product, make them much drink water. Very light to a few weight young model the dog is like beauty of auspicious baby, Xi Shi, rich to wait, in the winter when appear very easily the symptom such as collapse, hypoglycemia, have loose bowels, shock. To these young model dog, besides buying the clothes to them, even special attention their food.


Offer warm fossa for it

Feline cat is afraid of quite cold, and more sensitive to the reaction of cold heat. Their Mao Mao can rise to resist to what had compared to chill action, but should spend cold winter, host should prepare a warm fossa for them. Include nest of special feline mat, cat, thermos bottle, or blanket of pet appropriative electric heat, can make all of feline cat body and mind warm.


Avoid by all means bathes

Bunny is having thick hair, enough resists the harrass of cold winter. But if Mao Mao is wetted, bunny catchs a cold very easily catch a cold, so host does not bathe to bunny in the winter, can be bunny cleanness body with the dry-clean noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch that uses to the cat.