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The hairdressing that common dog plants - lady dog
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The long wool of lady dog is the most complex, the law that repair wool is most also. To enter an exhibition, should press certain norms clip, cannot cut casually, lest the influence is beautiful. But regard a family as pet, mix to make a dog cool proper beautiful, can press clip of " of " Holand type. Its method is: The Mao Ying of ministry of the top of head cuts a circle, length moderate, can leave beard, should be cut what the ministry follows with the tail under facial, ankle by Mao Dou short, the wool of ministry of coxal, shoulder and forelimb, cut grow about 4 centimeters, and cut the waist and cervical hair short, look like seeming to put on " jeans " . End pointed ministry should cut a big Mao Qiu, such not only good-looking, and make the person feels relaxed as marked as " " , unapt also happening eczema. Also can make the clip that be as follows:

The dog with lesser head, to offset this one weakness, the Maoliu that can get on the head is some longer, cut a circle, and cervical nature be wantinged by wool is lop, auditive wool should stay long, such ability appear the head is largish and beautiful. The dog with bigger head, should cut hair short, and cervical wool does not need to cut short.

The dog with long face, should nose the mustache clip of two side becomes a circle, ability emphasizes a focal point. The dog with little eye, should will go up palpebral wool cuts off two or so, such ability have the effect of enlarge eye socket.

Cervical short dog, can improve its appearance through the wool with cervical clip, and the wool with mid neck should be cut some more greatly, this can make the person feels neck minister some. The dog of body length, the bosom before or coxal and rear wool is cut short hind, with curly implement the Mao Juansong the body a bit, can make the body appears some shorter. Fat dog, had better be the wool the whole body is cut short, limb cuts strong record, can make the body appears some thinner.