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Raise the question that pet should note
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As people living standard rise, of life rhythm accelerate, the need that working and studies adjusts body and mind is healthy, raising pet is a kind of very good adjustment method, and to the first time for the host that raises cat, dog, how can raising kitten doggie health is livelily is a very serious problem. The doctors of humanitarian animal hospital offer the following proposal to you:
★ is make your pet little go to the bad or must not ill, you often should maintain connection with animal doctor, obtain be raised correctly and sanitarian knowledge.
★ presses legal provision, raise canine cat to need undertake wild dog vaccine injects, in order to ensure the life of person and pet is safe.
★ needs pair of a few deadly canine cat contagion (the acute communicable diseases that be like a dog, cat acute communicable diseases) the vaccinal injection that has routine, in order to prevent this ill happening. After pressing normal immune program vaccination generally speaking, the animal produces contagion rarely.
The helminth inside body of ★ fixed drive, anthelmintic has certain noxiousness, animal him host does not give drug casually, need to press bug of doctor guidance drive.
★ learns the method of correct feed animal, cannot nurturance animal is carried feed, the undesirable habit of partiality for a particular kind of food, should feed the total value provision with balanced nutrition.