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The hairdressing that common dog plants - rich beautiful dog
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The bodily form of standard rich beautiful dog should be full of the United States and vigor, plump body and enough hair are measured, disposition is docile, there is energy very much when walking, expression is optimistic. The axis of the head specialty, brainpan is compressed. Ear holds the dinky share of the head only, face with smallish had better. The eye caves, egg, give a person with small and elegant feeling. Bosom does not want too wide, should show to forelimb from laryngeal, bosom all the time line. End root ministry is tallish, not too low, grow thick crest to should maintain carrying midsection on the back.

It is to use wool of shears general whole body to cut a circle commonly. The to keep good bodily form when clip and orderly, should comb wool with the comb case next again clip, ear needle should cut a circle. End root ministry with dynamoelectric cut poodle 1 centimeter wide, such tails coil by back a nonstop ear ministry. Claw should be cut short, the long hair of tiptoe ministry should be cut short, the exterior appears feline foot state.

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